Balkan Top 10 May 27th


Each week we summarize the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkans.

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski


10. Kosovo-Serbia dialogue continues in Brussels (Balkan EU)

9. Turkey’s tourism in crisis (Balkan EU)

8. Talks on new Serbian government scheduled for Monday (BIRN)

7. Inter-government crisis likely in Albania (BIRN)

6. 10,000 Serbs protest against Belgrade Waterfront (BIRN)

5. Serbia to solve disagreements with Croatia before June’s opening of Chapter 23 (European Western Balkans)

4. Ex-Yugoslav countries’ presidents to meet in Sarajevo this weekend (European Western Balkans)

3. Possible early elections in Croatia in September (BIRN)

2. Putin visits Greece after 10 years (Balkan EU)

1. Macedonia’s President Ivanov withdraws some of the controversial pardons (BIRN)

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