Balkan Top 10 June 3rd

Each week we summarize the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkans.

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski


10. Macedonia allows medical marijuana in pharmacies (BIRN)

9. EULEX mandate in Kosovo extended for another two years (European Western Balkans)

8. Left tipped to win Romania’s local elections on Sunday (BIRN)

7. Government crisis in Croatia continues (BIRN)

6. Bulgaria’s MPs reject a resolution to end sanctions on Russia (BIRN)

5. 75% of young people in Serbia won’t “give up” Kosovo to join the EU (Balkan EU)

4. Bosnia makes progress on releasing census data (Balkan EU)

3. Croatia agrees to let Serbia open Chapters 23 and 24 (BIRN)

2. Switzerland scraps work permits for Bulgaria and Romania, but not for Croatia (BIRN)1

1. Montenegro marks 10 years of independence (BIRN)

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