Balkan Top 10 March 9th

Each week we summarize the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkans.

10. Germany’s SDP presses for Western Balkans’ faster EU integration  (European Western Balkans)

9. Greek PM Tsipras and Turkish PM Davutoglu united in opposing permanent stay for refugees (Balkan EU)

8. Bosnia’s census results may never be published (Balkan EU)

7. Montenegro extradites Serbian wartime general to Croatia (BIRN)

6. EP plenary to discuss resolutions on Macedonia and Montenegro (European Western Balkans)

5. Serbian trade unions fear radioactivity at bombed army HQ (BIRN)

4. Prince Charles to visit Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo (Balkan EU)

3. Albania aims to open EU negotiations by the end of the year pending successful judicial reforms (BIRN)

2. Tito’s grandson runs for Serbian parliament as Socialist (BIRN)

1. Balkan countries shut their borders for refugees and effectively end the Balkan route (BBC)


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