Balkan Top 10 April 14th

Each week we summarize the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkans.

10. Large diaspora event with participants from 50 countries due in November in Albania (BIRN)

9. New party in Bulgaria denies being controlled by Turkey (BIRN)

8. Serbia can’t open Chapter 23 until it improves the lives of Roma, says EU Ambassador (European Western Balkans)

7. Thousands of Montenegrins oppose NATO accession (BIRN)

6. EU calls for more reform in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina (European Western Balkans)

5. EC dismisses Croatia’s preconditions to Serbia (Balkan EU)

4. 20, 460 euros of Bosnian Serb taxpayer’s money for the defense of Karadzic and Mladic (BIRN)

3. Opposition against Serb elections in Kosovo (Balkan EU)

2. Serbian PM Vucic meets Hungarian PM Orban in Subotica (BIRN)

1. Macedonian President Ivanov pardons politicians facing charges (BIRN)

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