Balkan Top 10 February 10th

Each week we summarize the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkans.


10. Austria launches campaign to bring Albania and Kosovo closer to EU (Balkan EU)

9. NATO reaffirms continued commitment to KFOR (European Western Balkans)

8. Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania activists demand end to visas (BIRN)

7. Romania jails Communist-era prison boss (BIRN)

6. Bosnian Serb leader postpones controversial judiciary referendum (BIRN)

5. Bosnian census to be released in June (BIRN)

4. Erdogan questions the need for UN existence (Balkan EU)

3. Inter-ethnic opposition to ruling DPMNE unlikely to emerge in Macedonia (BIRN)

2. Bulgaria nominates UNESCO boss for UN General Secretary post (BIRN)

1. Violence marks nationwide strike in Greece (BIRN)

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