Eastern Europe News Roundup January 8th

Each week The Vostokian republishes a compilation of the most relevant Eastern European news courtesy of The Elicitor. You can find the original here.

С Асадом или без: может ли закончиться война в Сирии в 2016 году” by Александр Артемьев (РБК, 8 January 2016)

U.S. firm blames Russian hackers for Ukraine outage” by Jim Finkle (Reuters, 7 January 2016)

Where Foreign “Experts” and “Political Scientists” on Russian Television Come From” by Alexey Kovalev (Sean’s Russia Blog, 7 January 2016)

How Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Sabotaged the Reform Process” by Halya Coynash (Atlantic Council, 6 January 2016)

Can America and Russia Cooperate in Syria?” by Michael McFaul (Project Syndicate, 5 January 2016)

Putin’s Next Potential Target: The Baltic States” by Stephen Blank (Atlantic Council, 5 January 2016)

Stand Up For Georgia” by Denis Corboy, William Courtney, and Kenneth Yalowitz (U.S. News, 5 January 2016)

A Challenge to the U.S.” by Michael Sulick (The Cipher Brief, 5 January 2016)

New Russian Management of Donbas Signifies Putin May Be Ready to Negotiate” by Anders Aslund (Atlantic Council, 4 January 2016)

Russia’s New National Security Strategy: Familiar Themes, Gaudy Rhetoric” by Mark Galeotti (War On The Rocks, 4 January 2016)

Russia and Armenia: Two Experts, Two Opinions” by Sergey Markedonov and Sergey Minasyan (Russian International Affairs Council, 4 January 2016)

Cyber Espionage” by John Sipher (The Cipher Brief, 3 January 2016)

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Dagestan Attack” by Allison Quinn (The Telegraph, 31 December 2015)

2015 as seen by Russian pundits” by Anastasia Borik (Russia Direct, 30 December 2015)

Lack of Russia experts has some in U.S. worried” by Karoun Demirjian (The Washington Post, 30 December 2015)

Investing in Ukraine’s Future” by John Herbst, Steven Pifer, and William Taylor (The New York Times, 29 December 2015)

Vladimir Putin’s 2016 Calendar” by Matthew Chance (CNN, 29 December 2015)

How Vlad Kolesnikov Was Driven to Death” by Claire Bigg (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 28 December 2015)

Montenegro Will Join NATO – and That Matters” by Evelyn N. Farkas (Defense One Today, 23 December 2015)

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