Balkan Top 10 September 29th

President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik

Each week we summarize for you the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkan region.

10. New Waterfront protests in Belgrade (BIRN)

9. HDZ and MOST likely to form another government coalition (BIRN)

8. Macedonian Special Prosecution opens new procurement scam case (BIRN)

7. Montenegrin Parliament Speaker meets EU Commissioner Hahn in Brussels (European Western Balkans)

6. Cyprus leaders to intensify talks in October (Balkan EU)

5. Bulgaria changes UN General Secretary nominee (BIRN)

4. EU Commissioner Hahn to visit Skopje on October 13 to give green light for upcoming elections (Balkan EU)

3. Many undecided voters ahead of next week’s Bosnian local elections (BIRN)

2. Telecommunication agreement threatens dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo (European Western Balkans)

1. Bosnian Serbs defy Constitutional Court with landslide vote on controversial national holiday (BIRN)

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski


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