Balkan Top 10 October 6th


Each week we summarize for you the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkan region.

10. Bulgarian PM Borisov says Turkey should remain Europe’s strategic partner (Balkan EU)

9. EU says it won’t support election postponement in Macedonia (European Western Balkans)

8. Key critic of PM Rama quits Albania’s ruling party (BIRN)

7. Montenegrian general elections in two weeks still uncertain (BIRN)

6. Greek PM Tsipras overcomes government-church relations crisis (Balkan EU)

5. Macedonian ruling party keeps obstructing special prosecution (BIRN)

4. Leaked conversations incriminate Kosovo’s ruling party (BIRN)

3. Five convicted criminals elected as mayors in Bosnia’s local elections (BIRN)

2. Bulgarian Parliament bans burqas in public (BIRN)

1. Serbia marks 16 years since Milosevic’s ousting (BIRN)

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski


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