Balkan Top 10 October 27th

Macedonia's ex-Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski

Every Thursday we summarize for you the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkan region.

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski

10. Russian security chief visits Serbia amidst expulsions of Russians implicated in Montenegro’s alleged coup (BIRN)

9. Widespread opposition to government’s suggestion for early elections in Kosovo (BIRN)

8. Disagreement in European Parliament over the way forward after Republika Srpska’s referendum (European Western Balkans)

7. Dacic dismisses Pristina’s recent negotiation demands as “wish list” (Balkan EU)

6. Bosnia’s President Izetbegovic visits Iran’s PM Rouhani to vow joint struggle against terrorism  (BIRN)

5. Albania’s Foreign Minister visits Turkey’s President Erdogan in support of the anti-Gulenist fight (Balkan EU)

4. Romania’s second-largest Liberal Party nominates incumbent technoratic PM Ciolos for another term (BIRN)

3. Macedonia’s ruling party makes rival right-wing parties an “indecent proposal” (BIRN)

2. Strong opposition to Albania’s PM Edi Rama’s lavish public sector-pay rises (BIRN)

1. Montenegro’s PM Djukanovic steps down despite winning last week’s election (BIRN)


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