Balkan Top 10 October 20th

Novi Sad Square

Each Thursday we summarize for you the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkan region.

10. Bulgaria refuses to give asylum to Gulenists and deports them to Turkey (Balkan EU)

9. Serbia-Kosovo dialogue has resumed (European Western Balkans)

8. Kosovo’s government and opposition move closer to demarcation of border with Montenegro (Balkan EU)

7. Macedonian Parliament dissolves for early elections (BIRN)

6. Record number of traffic accidents have shaken Sarajevo (BIRN)

5. Novi Sad to be European Capital of Culture in 2021 (European Western Balkans)

4. Joint embassies and consulates between Albania and Kosovo in Germany, Denmark, Turkey and Italy (Balkan EU)

3. Serbia scraps visas with China (BIRN)

2. Croatia’s new right-wing government voted in (BIRN)

1. Veteran Montenegrin PM Djukanovic wins elections, but with the lowest margin ever (BIRN)

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski


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