Balkan Top 10 November 17th

tito josip broz dnevnik slike 1510 2009

uniforma bela  kolor arhiva

Every Thursday we summarize for you the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkan region.

Compiled by: Kristijan Fidanovski

10. Karadzic expresses suspicion at the number of cancer cases in his prison (BIRN)

9. Plenkovic’s new government introduces a tax reform expected to benefit both firms and people (BIRN)

8. Kosovo and Bosnia most worried about corruption in the Western Balkans (BIRN)

7. Macedonia’s Electoral Commission rejects doppelganger MP candidates (BIRN)

6. Serbia’s ruling party joins the center-right EPP party family (European Western Balkans)

5. EU commission plans further security checks for citizens of non-EU Balkan countries (BIRN)

4. Macedonia’s election campaign for 11 December elections starts on Monday (Balkan EU)

3. Serbs still consider Tito their all-time best leader (BIRN)

2. Bulgaria’s PM Borisov resigns after his presidential candidate loses to a left-wing, pro-Russian ex-general (BIRN)

1. Obama visits Athens (Balkan EU)


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