Balkan Top 10 March 31st

Each week we summarize the top 10 pieces of news from the Balkans.

10. Bulgaria to invest 1.2 billion euros in military (BIRN)

9. Hague frees journalist Florence Hartmann (BIRN)

8. EU’s HRVP Mogherini meets Montenegro’s PM Djukanovic (European Western Balkans)

7. Controversies around Bokova’s UN campaign team (Balkan EU)

6. Albania bids for slice of Russian tourist market (BIRN)

5. Macedonia’s DUI cancels backing for disputed bill (BIRN)

4. Bulgaria and Romania top EU road death statistics (BIRN)

3. Macedonia’s Special Prosecution begins new investigations (BIRN)

2. Radovan Karadzic convicted of genocide (BIRN)

1. Vojislav Seselj acquitted by Hague Tribunal (Balkan EU)

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