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Marijana is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Transnational Studies at University College London (UCL) in human rights issues, ethnopolitical conflicts, and the Western Balkans. Her Master’s thesis is on reconciliation processes and approaches in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prior to her studies at UCL, she completed a Bachelor’s degree at Zurich University, Switzerland, where she studied Modern Languages and Communications. In addition to that, she spent one semester at the University of Melbourne, attending courses in human rights, development aid, and conflict studies. She developed an interest in international politics and divided societies during a summer school at the London School of Economics and Politics in 2013.

Apart from her studies, she gained experience in the human rights field as an intern at Minority Rights Group in London where she performed tasks such as research, media monitoring, drafting reports and liaising with partners and donors.

The ethnic war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, taking place from 1992-1995, was one of the worst armed conflicts in Europe after World War 2. Between 1 and 2 million people ...

Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in the Western Balkans,at the crossroads between the occidental West and the oriental East. Due to its geopolitical position, Bosnia’s history has been marked by wars ...